BOCO Gear 2021 Artist Series


The BOCO Artist Series (BAS) is a collaborative program that showcases and highlights the work of accomplished and up and coming artists in the outdoor space. This limited edition collaboration came to life as a collection of Boco hats in which 20% of the proceeds go back to the artist. Pick a favorite or collect them all!

  • BOCO Artist Series Technical Camp Hat – Amy Willis


Featured Artists

Kelly Halpin

Jackson, Wyoming

Hat style: Trail Trucker

Kelly's Bio

Kelly Halpin is a freelance illustrator and a professional mountain runner based in Jackson, Wyoming. Her artwork is influenced by natural elements and experiences in the wilderness.

Amy Willis

Austin, Texas

Hat styles: Trail Trucker, Camp Hat

Amy's Bio
Amy Willis is a graphic designer living in sunny Austin, TX. As an ultra trail runner, she finds inspiration from spending hours out on the trail, doing hard things, and making connections with people and nature along the way. As a creative working in the travel industry, she believes that life is best spent exploring new places and learning from different cultures and hopes to encourage others to get out and experience our great big beautiful world.

Derek Friday

Boulder, Colorado

Hat style: Trail Hat 

Derek's Bio

Derek Friday is an award-winning designer and founder of Finndustry, an internationally accomplished, multi-disciplinary design shop based in Boulder, Colorado where he specializes in Experiential Design, Brand Identity & Collateral, Signage & Wayfinding Systems and Surface Pattern Design. When not in his studio, Derek can usually be found running, scrambling and gravel biking in the mountains with his dog Tilly. He finds his flow on the trail, where he is constantly thinking about his next design challenge or his next ultra race.

“I knew I didn’t want to be an architect almost right after receiving my degree, thus the wild journey of my multi-disciplinary design path ensued.”

Megan Myers

Bend, Oregon

Hat style: 5-Panel Technical Trucker

Megan's Bio
Megan is a painter, illustrator, runner, and native Oregonian! Her artwork is inspired by the outdoors and the connection we have to our natural surroundings and to each other. Her work explores landscapes composed of whimsical mountains, forests, deserts, rock formations, oceans and rivers. The children and animals that typically appear as her subjects radiate with innocence and a sense of wonder brought forth by a connection to nature. The characters journey through the outdoors, exploring themes of companionship, protection, wilderness and the greatest adventure of all, love.

Bryn Merrell

Tahoe City, CA

Hat style: Running Trucker

Bryn's Bio

 Bryn Merrell spent several years working in the outdoor industry before forging her own path as an independent artist. Spending most of her free time outdoors, Bryn creates a playful and whimsical interpretation of her surroundings through watercolor and ink. Many of her patterns and landscapes are reflections of her roots in Arizona, along with the cultural and natural influence of her current home in Tahoe City, California.