Let’s get real: at BOCO Gear, every day is dog day. But in honor of the official National Dog Day — August 26th — we wanted to get to know some of our BOCO ambassadors and their dogs a little better. 

From morning hikes to evening runs, walks to the brewery to full-on races, our BOCO ambassadors bring their canine companions along for all different adventures. This year, we asked our ambassadors to let us know what their favorite doggy running gear is and why. 


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What makes for the best dog running gear can vary from runner to runner. Some may prefer running in early mornings or evenings when the light is dim, while others may spend a lot of time on the trail or in the snow.


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In our gear round up below, ambassadors from all over the country weighed in on what dog running gear works best for them, their routine, and their climate.

From LED harnesses to hands-free and easy-grab leashes, here are 7 recommendations for the best dog running gear to keep you and your furry friend comfortable and safe while you go the extra mile.


BOCO Ambassador: Megan Eckert


Where they live: Santa Fe, NM

Dog’s name: Anna

Favorite dog running gear and why: Arcadia Trail Easy Grab Leash. Our dog loves being on trail runs, but holding the leash the entire time is dangerous for us and an annoyance for the dog. This leash solves both issues. 

It wraps around the dog’s neck and Velcros to fit like a collar. When we need it, just grab the handle, un-Velcro, and we have a leash. It’s the best find for our dogs yet!


BOCO Ambassador: Sara Dodrill


Where they live: Ohio

Dog’s name: Sloopy

Favorite dog running gear and why: Knox Lighthound LED dog harness and her prong collar. These keep her visible and she’s deaf, so the prongs are gentle and the only dog collar and harness combo that works for us.


BOCO Ambassador: Lauren Dreiling


Where they live: Centennial, Colorado

Dog’s name: Helles 

Favorite dog running gear and why: Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash. This allows me to keep my form but comply with leash laws. Also, it requires me to keep my core more engaged — which never hurts! ?


BOCO Ambassador: Jake Diehl



Where they live: San Lorenzo, California

Dog’s name: Lou

Favorite dog running gear and why: Ruffwear Dog Leash >


BOCO Ambassador: Kristin Moore



Where they live: Livonia, Michigan

Dog’s name: Ranger

Favorite dog running gear and why: We love our Mighty Paw Harness and Tuff Mutt Hands Free Leash.  Ranger loves the comfort of the harness and I’m a huge fan of the stretchy, hands free leash. 


BOCO Ambassador: Jayme Ferslew


Where they live: Cary, NC

Dog’s name: Cashew

Favorite dog running gear and why: Knox Lighthound LED dog harness because it helps us stay visible no matter when and where we run!


BOCO Ambassador: Andrea Swingley


Where they live: Fairbanks, Alaska

Dog’s name: I have four: Lennier, Martin, Piper, and Monte

Favorite dog running gear and why: I canicross with my sled dogs, and they wear a Howling Dog Alaska Second Skin Harness. It’s adjustable to different-sized dogs, and the placement of leash attachment makes the line angle off the dogs’ hips while pulling.


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We know there’s plenty of great dog running gear out there used by BOCO fans. Let us know what you would add to our doggy gear roundup and why in the comments!

And if you’d like to become a BOCO Ambassador, we’ll be putting out a call for signups later this fall. So be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for more updates!


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