Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially into spring! 

And while we still have some snow on the ground here in Colorado, summer is just around the corner. With that, it’s a great time to plan ahead for all of those long, sunny runs and hikes you have planned this summer. 

We all know that looking good is essentially 90% of running, but feeling good can’t be forgotten either. And feeling good is what we’re here to talk about today — specifically, making sure your head stays cool on those hot summer runs. 

Finding the best running hat for hot weather hat that helps your head stay cool can be a bit of a challenge. But we’re going to take a lot of the guesswork out of it for you!

The best running hats are ones that let you run longer in the summer heat, and that means ventilation is a must. 

All of these running caps for summer feature larger holes for ventilation. For folks out there with my same hairstyle (bald AF), you’ll need to make sure to add some sunscreen to your dome before heading out. You’ve been warned!

Here are the best sweat-absorbing hats to help you crush that next PR even when the temperature is hitting its own PR. 

1. Trail Truckers 


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This is your trail-to-brewery best friend!

I love being able to wear this running hat on the trail and then meet up with friends right after and still look great. It’s the trucker hat all runners and outdoor enthusiasts should consider a must-have! 

If you see me on the trails, this is most likely to be the hat I’m rocking these days. Specifically, the Retro Colorado Style with the Get Outside Hat as a close runner-up. 

2. 360° Running Visors


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Okay, we know technically this isn’t a running hat, but we still think it fits the bill (get it?). 

The BOCO 360° running visor is my go-to for long days. It keeps the sun out of my eyes and lets the top of my head catch a breeze. (Just don’t forget the sunscreen!)

There are many styles available for the visor, but I currently really like the classic black style.

3. Trail Hat 


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Other than the ventilation, my favorite feature of the Trail Hats is the semi-rigid bill. It gives a sweet look while you’re out on the trails but also blocks the sun like it should without blocking your view of the trail all around you like some more curved billed hats do. 

4. Ventilated Run Hat 


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Looking for an all-around amazing hat that does everything a running hat should, fits perfectly, and looks great? 

Look no further than our ventilated run hat. I pretty much always have one of these in my truck, because no matter the situation, this hat’s a winner. 

5. Elite Hat 


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Do you want to go fast in the lightest running hat possible? Here’s your best option. 

The Elite hat disappears on your head and pulls the sweat from your brow with the technical panel in front. The Velcro closure in the back ensures a great fit, giving you nothing to adjust mid-run. The laser-cut vents ensure that heat can escape no matter the conditions you’re training through! 

Stay Cool While Running This Summer

There’s no excuse to not hit the trail — even when the summer heat starts picking up! 

Pick up a sweat-absorbing hat that will keep you dry while you crush new trails and PRs this summer. With the sun and sweat out of your eyes, you might even surprise yourself when you cross the finish line.

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