Temperatures are dropping, ice and snow are coming, and holiday lights are going up.

For endurance runners, this time of year means donning extra layers, switching to waterproof shoes, and wearing a headlamp for long runs on dark winter evenings.

We understand that endurance knows no bounds, so we’ve developed gear to help runners push harder and go farther, no matter the weather.

From advanced warm-weather gear (like arm warmers, gloves, and beanies) to our celebrated technical trucker hat, there’s something for everyone in our BOCO Gear holiday gift guide. Read on to find the perfect gift for the endurance runner in your life (even if that’s you!)

1. Running Trucker Hat

BOCO’s original Running Trucker Hat is made for your longest, hardest workouts. It’s not only perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes, but a vital piece of gear for rainy April morning runs or scorching-hot August hill climbs

An internal sweatband moves moisture away from your skin thanks to high-performance materials. The running trucker can be made with 5 or 6 panels, with the back 4 panels made of a woven, wicking fabric. These rear panels are laser cut, making it more comfortable than a traditional trucker hat while providing better protection from the sun and the elements.

The soft, adjustable Velcro closure allows one-handed adjustable closure to adjust on the fly to keep the design light and snug.

The Running Trucker hat’s lightweight and durable material dries quickly, so it’s easy and fast to hand wash. Choose between a flat or curved bill.

Plus, BOCO Gear offers designs that are unique to you. Customize your headwear with patches, embroidery, and sublimated images to make it one-of-a-kind. Choose from bright in-house designs inspired by some of our favorite places, or we can help you design your own.

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2. Winter Running Hats

Training outside in winter is all about temperature moderation. Keep your head together with our winter beanies.

For endurance activities and snow sports, our mesh Performance Beanie might be able to out-perform you. Our beanie features a knit polyester mesh lining to wick away sweat. Combined with a brushed polyester exterior, you’ll stay dry and warm not only for your whole race, but during the celebratory beer afterwards, too.

For especially cold months, try out the acrylic Performance Knit Beanie. It can handle any cold outdoor activity, but features an even warmer half-fleece lining for increased heat retention and an extra layer of soft comfort. It’s your perfect go-to if you live in colder areas of the country.

And for a jaunt to the coffee shop or brewery, our Women’s Pom-Pom beanie in black, teal, or maroon is the perfect addition to any cute winter outfit this year.

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3. Winter Neck Gaiters

When the wind or weather picks up in the cold months, BOCO Gear recommends a flexible extra layer for a vulnerable part of the body: your neck.

Neck gaiters are a breathable but warm way to insulate up to your chin. They effectively block wind and sun, and can help protect your skin from frigid temperatures and blowing snow.

Our winter neck gaiter can be a real game changer on runs when you can see your own breath. At 18” long, the seamless stretch polyester of our neck gaiter can also be used as a hat, headband, or even a hair tie. Use it to cover your nose, mouth, and neck.

It might just be the most dynamic piece of gear you’ve been missing (and makes a great present!)

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4. Best Men’s & Women’s Running Gloves

On big endurance runs, it’s as important to be able to text, change playlists, and check the map on your phone as it is to keep your fingers warm. Our winter running gloves can handle all of it.

All our running gloves are unisex sizing. They have incredible stretch, and fit a wide range of hand sizes. The index finger and thumb of BOCO’s gloves are touchscreen compatible, and silicone palm grips make it easy to hold onto your phone or water bottle while running.

Striking a balance between moisture-wicking technology and a mid-weight thermal, BOCO gloves feature mid-length wrist cuffs. Reflective details lend extra visibility on long night runs and low-light adventures.

For the lowest temperatures, we offer the Converter Run Glove. These transform our popular finger gloves into mittens, helping your hands retain heat more effectively and for longer.

Our Converter Run Gloves are perfect for hikers who like to hit the trail when there’s still frost on the ground. They’re also ideal for runners whose hands take a while to warm up during a cold winter run.

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5. Running Arm Sleeves

When it’s cold, the first few miles of a run are often the hardest. It might take some time to warm up other parts of your body too, like your arms.

Our arm sleeves are an á la cart method of temperature moderation, a key part of a layering system of retaining heat as the day’s temperatures rise. Stash them in a pocket when you’ve warmed up.

BOCO arm sleeves are made of a high-performing polyester blend, making them ideal for when it’s cool outside but too warm for a jacket. Our arm sleeves add a layer of sweat-wicking comfort when it’s cool outside, and protect you from overexposure to the sun.

For those who want extra warmth, we also offer lined arm warmers. These are crucial for athletes who need the extra layer to help retain heat while braving brisk winter mornings and cool evenings, but don’t want to overheat by wearing a jacket.

And what says “I love you” better than the gift of warm clothes this holiday season?

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6. Running Socks

Runners know that sometimes, a good pair of running socks can be the best part of a run. We’ve designed your new favorite pair.

Not only do our running socks stay up, but there is no uncomfortable seams or chafing. No matter the activity, the circular knit promotes comfort, a tight fit, and enhanced performance. Plus, our sublimated patterns will make you stand out in the crowd.

With colorful patterns in crew, quarter, and no-show designs, our socks are excellent stocking stuffers for the runner in your life.

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7. Face Masks for Running

Face masks are a staple of pandemic life, and the indefinite future.

Masks are especially important if you’re heading to a gym or other high-traffic, public, indoor area to workout.

We’ve developed a new style of face mask for high-performance activities: a double knit, double layer mask made of an advanced polyester blend. The inner layer features a pocket for a removable filter.

Our face masks are a durable, comfortable, and stylish way to work out safely. The ergonomic and natural design comfortably and snugly covers the nose and mouth. Soft elastic bands secure easily behind the ears.

Plus, our Performance X-Mask was rated best lightweight mask option by Runner’s World this year. So don’t just take our word for it — take theirs!

If you’re considering ordering masks for a group of 7 or more people, opt for a custom mask design! With only a 35-unit minimum on most custom orders, our in-house design team can help you create the perfect pattern or image for your masks.

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8. Other Running Hats

If the trucker hat isn’t quite your runner’s style, one of these might be.

We created the BOCO Endurance hat with San Francisco Running Company. Designed to be ultra-lightweight, stuffable, and stylish, the Endurance Running Hat is all about flexibility.

It’s mesh side panels offer maximum ventilation, and the woven polyester outer is the ultimate lightweight, wicking defense against the sun. We even put a tuck pocket to hide the any excess dangling strap.

The best part? The bill is pliable. Easily stuff the Endurance in your backpack or pocket and keep your focus on running. It’s perfect for people running in varying weather, or if you need an ultra-lightweight custom hat option that can change with your mood.

Also consider the clean lines of the Trail hat.

Created with trail runners in mind, the lightweight mesh panels and moldable bill make this a lid your runner can wear all day. The adjustable clip will keep the fit just right.

We even made the underbill black to reduce glare. That’s especially important if you’re running in a snowy area on a bright day: the less reflection, the easier the run.

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9. Running Visors

Sometimes, a visor is all you need.

Our 360 Visor is a popular, comfortable elastic-back option. The high-performance elastic doesn’t lose shape or stretch over time, and because it’s all one piece, it’s durable and long-lasting.

Whether you’re crushing it on the pickle ball court or gearing up for your next half- marathon, a running visor can offer just the right amount of sweat-wicking technology and shade from the direct sun. Ours offers a comfortable, adjustable Velcro back.

The relaxed fit front panel and internal sweatband removes sweat from your forehead and keeps you relaxed and comfortable. BOCO Gear used a soft elastic backer on the visors for fast adjustability and comfort.

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10. Best Backpacks

If you need a simple way to stash that jacket, trail mix, or water bottle, we’ve got you covered.

With 20L capacity, the BOCO backpacks are sturdy, lightweight options. Mesh stash pockets on either side make it easy to access snacks or your phone. Inside the packs are a small pocket for keys or an ID, and a large space to stuff or carry whatever you need.

Our versatile packs are the perfect solution for race day, trips to the gym, and long commutes on your bike. Adjustable straps make these backpacks the perfect fit for anyone, while keeping a slim profile.

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Get the Best Running Gear for Winter and Beyond

This holiday season, give the endurance athletes on your list the gift of safety, warmth, and comfort while they get in their miles this winter.

The runners in your life will appreciate being gifted high quality gear made with attention and love. And during this hectic time of year, you’ll appreciate our personal and fast service.

Together, let’s give the best running gifts of the year.

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