As the heat of summer fades, it’s time to prepare for fall running.

September through November is the sweet spot for runners across the country. The weather turns cool and crisp, giving you a much-needed reprieve from the summer heat before the first snow falls.

It’s chilly in the mornings and evenings in the fall, especially at higher altitudes and areas of the country where winter comes early. Research shows your core body temperature drops when you’re exposed to cold weather. Wearing a running hat helps keep you comfortable and warm as the days get cooler.


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The best men’s running hats are made of lightweight fabrics that wick away moisture, protect you from the sun, and keep you comfortable while you get your miles in. A great running hat should also be machine-washable, reduce glare, and be adjustable so you can pull it tighter if the wind picks up.

BOCO Gear offers the best men’s performance headwear in the active endurance industry. We offer a wide range of styles and designs for both newbies and pros — from traditional run hat styles to visors, technical trucker hats to beanies.

No matter which men’s running hat you choose this fall, our cutting-edge hat designs are perfect for the coffee shop or brewery after your run, too. Here are our favorite men’s running hats to keep you going this fall.

1. The Technical Trucker® Hat


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Our trademark workout hat, the Technical Trucker® was our first performance trucker geared toward the active athlete. This popular style includes fabrics that wick away sweat and keep you cool and comfortable all year long.

With the durable design of a trucker hat and the performance of a traditional run hat, our Technical Trucker® hat brings efficiency and personality to your running routine. Two wicking woven panels in the front, a moisture-wicking internal sweatband, and a mesh back combine the best elements of a traditional run hat and a trucker.

Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, you can turn heads no matter where you go in this men’s running hat.

Explore our Technical Trucker® hats in any style >

2. The Run Hat

A true classic, the BOCO Gear Run Hat is the perfect men’s hat for technical trail runs.

Trail and road-tested at our home in Boulder, Colorado, this hat is made of sleek woven polyester with mesh side panels which keep this hat lightweight and dry.

The black underside of the hat and curved bill design reduce glare, which comes in handy as the sun shifts in the sky during the fall and winter.

This men’s running hat is also machine washable, so you can easily throw it in with your workout clothes after a race.

Shop our versatile Run Hat for your next trail run >

3. Running Truckers


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Included within our inaugural BOCO Gear Artist Series, the Running Trucker hat brings creativity and authentic flair to your running routine. This running hat brings the comfort of the Run Hat with the structure of a Trucker, plus all the breathability you need for your next marathon.

Our signature laser-cut side and back panels bring you even more comfort while exercising, so you can keep on running your favorite trail or race.

Check out our popular Running Truckers >

4. Trail Truckers


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Our most versatile trucker hat, the soft foam front and laser cut back give you a lighter-than-air feeling that’s perfect for long runs like marathons or ultra-marathons.

The high crown and moldable bill give the hat flexibility while the ventilated mesh side keeps you cool and dry.

Get this lightweight men’s cap in a variety of designs >

5. Tempo Hat


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Built to look and feel like a classic baseball cap, this hat is great for those runs when you need extra sun and glare protection.

An adjustable Velcro closure gives you the flexibility to size the hat to your needs. And the soft polyester mesh headband around the inside of the hat keeps sweat out of your eyes so you can keep the finish line in your sights.

We also think you’ll love the pop of color, which helps you stand out and stay safe while running in dim hours.

Get this men’s running hat for any season >

6. Elite Hat

The Elite Hat is your classic men’s running hat with even more added functionality.

You won’t sweat out of this cap! The laser-cut sides and rear panel let heat escape so you can stay cool while you run your next PR.

The Grey Camo and gradient pattern give you a bit of style to stand out in those race photos. For a personalized look, you can add your own logos, team names, or personal embroidery designs in our custom shop.

Try this customizable & classic men’s running hat >

7. Trail Hat


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The Trail Hat is built for the ultra-runners who know all about getting dirty out on the trail.

For men who need lightweight running hats that can easily be stuffed in a pocket or pulled backward, the Trail Hat is calling your name.

With a pliable and soft design, this workout hat can follow you on the twists and turns of a trail run or up high altitude climbs. Plus, we’re big fans of local award-winning designer Derek Fridays’ artistic design.

Sweat will stay out of your eyes with the mesh wicking sweatband, so you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road.

Hit the trail with this best men’s running hat >

8. Men’s Visors

Our men’s running visors are perfect for when you’re craving a bit more airflow but still need to keep the sun out of your eyes.

The 360 Visor® is an innovative style that includes a unique elasticized back for the perfect and quick fit while taking it on or off. The adjustable fit visor has more traditional visor styling with a one-handed adjustable Velcro back. Both visors include a black underside to combat glare and multiple designs and reflectivity to help with better visibility in the winter months.

Our men’s running visors range from elastic backs to snaps, so you can choose the visor that feels best for you and your running routine.

Combat glare with a visor for running and outdoor sports >

9. Performance Beanie Mesh and Knit 


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The best fall runs are early in the morning — when the air is still crisp and the grass is dewy. If you agree, you’ll need a running beanie to keep you warm while you hit the trail.

Not all running beanies are created equal. Our Performance Mesh Beanie design gives you the perfect balance of warmth and weight while wicking away moisture. The fabric is soft, too, so you’ll feel comfortable even on long runs.

For extra cold days, try the Performance Knit Beanie with half fleece lining and a perfect fit for outdoor activities. It’s 100% acrylic, which means you’ll stay dry during your workout.

Keep your head warm with our men’s running beanies >

Run in Style This Season


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Whether you’re prepping for your first endurance running race or you’re a seasoned expert, having the right men’s hat for the race makes a huge difference.

If you’re looking to customize your men’s running hat, we’ll take special care to make your design as unique as you are.

We sublimate our headwear, which is different than just slapping a logo on a pre-made hat. That means we take our time so you’ll always get a custom fit and design unique to your needs.

Our men’s running hats are designed with detail and integrity, just like the people who wear them. Shop our men’s running hats now >

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