At BOCO Gear, we know winter doesn’t stop you from getting your miles in. But it just might slow you down a bit, especially when there’s snow on the ground and the air is frigid.

We designed our running neck gaiters and heavyweight winter neck gaiters to provide the extra coverage and warmth you need to stay comfortable on those chilly morning runs. But did you know our gaiters can be used for a heck of a lot more than just to keep your neck warm?

Below, BOCO team member and endurance runner Don Reichelt walks you through the many uses of our neck gaiters — from keeping your neck, nose, and ears warm to keeping your hair out of the way and more.

Video Transcription:

Hey everybody, Don Reichelt from BOCO Gear here. I’m about to head out for a run. But first I wanted to show you a few ways that I used this neck gaiter that I had custom-made from BOCO Gear. 

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Neck Gaiter

First, I use it simply as just a neck gaiter. Gives me a little added warmth here in the winter. I’ll zip this right in, keeps my neck nice and warm. And also in the summer, I’ll use this to keep the sun off my neck.

Nose & Lung Protection

The next way I can use this — I can just pull this straight up over my nose or mouth. Keeping that warm air in the winter is really nice just to get that little bit of extra warmth. Keeps my nose warm as well. 

I actually use this all year round as a face mask like this, mostly because I live off of a dirt road and as cars go by I don’t want to breathe that. So I’ll just pull this up and keep my lungs nice and protected.


The next use here is just going to be a hood. So I can pull this up over my head and use it just like a hood. Keeps my ears nice and protected both from the cold in the winter or from the sun in the summer, if I’m out fishing or something like that. And it keeps the head protected as well for the same reason. 

Also from this hood position, you can take the extra flap and you can pull it up over your mouth and nose. This is how I use it a lot in the winter, is I will have this nice and protected kind of ninja-style out running. And it keeps me nice and warm and it keeps everything nice and protected. I can pull a little bit extra down and then again zip this up into my neck. So those are a couple of uses.


Next use, I like to use this as is simply a headband. This one is a really popular style with the ladies. Obviously, if you have a ponytail or longer hair, you can use it right here as a headband. 


And then this transition is really easy. Like today, it’s getting colder out here, I might leave the house with the headband and have my ears covered. And half an hour from now when the sun continues to go down, I don’t have hair, so I might pull this up over and use it as a little bit of a durag and keep that protected.

So those are going to be the different ways that I use this neck gaiter. There’s a lot of different creative ways to use it however you might. But let us know how you like to use it. And thanks for watching and get out there and stay active.

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