Many families missed out on in-person Thanksgiving celebrations last year. That means this might be the first time your whole family has gotten together since pre-pandemic times. 

To kick off the holiday season, we want to give you a peek behind the curtain to learn more about the team here at BOCO Gear. Below we chat our favorite foods and activities for Thanksgiving, along with what we’re most thankful for this year.

We hope our ideas inspire you to try something new this year, or at least help you remember how to do the holiday right!

Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

It’s probably no surprise that when we sat down to hash out our favorite Thanksgiving foods, pie was the most powerful point of discussion. And can anyone argue with this? Pie is amazing.

Pumpkin Pie was the clear winner within the team, but pecan was a close second. One of the best responses from a team member when asked about their favorite pie was: “I like a little bit of pumpkin pie with a lot a bit of whipped cream.”

Indeed, this is the correct answer for pie.

Beyond pie, any kind of potatoes (both sweet and mashed) were the other favorite Thanksgiving food here at BOCO Gear. What can we say? We love our carbs.

Favorite Thanksgiving Activities

1. A Thanksgiving Morning Run

We wouldn’t be the endurance running freaks that we are without this one at the top of our list!

Wherever you live, there’s likely a Turkey Trot 5k walk/run you can participate in to kick-off your Thanksgiving morning. Getting up and running 5K with your family can be a fantastic way to start the holiday. Plus, if you and your family likes pie as much as the BOCO team does, starting the day off with some exercise is probably helpful for what’s to come later in the day.

Many of the Turkey Trots are for a meaningful charitable cause, such as raising money and food donations for local food shelters. That’s certainly a cause we can get behind.

Take a look around your area and see what you can find for a local run. And temps are dropping, so grab your BOCO Gear running gloves and your favorite running beanie, so you’re set for a fun and cozy morning run.

2. Watching Football

The BOCO team is on the Thanksgiving Day football bandwagon, but enjoy it more as a background thing than the star of the show. (After all, who really wants to commit 3+ hours to watching the Lions these days? Love you, Kay ?)

3. Imbibing Spirits

We’re a fun team, and this survey answer confirms it: after pie, all our team members like to celebrate with a few Thanksgiving drinks. (P.S. having a whiskey with our CEO Kay Martin is a life-altering event. We highly recommend it).

Thanksgiving is a fun time to connect and relax with your loved ones. And if you’re staying at your family’s place, there’s no need to worry about driving home.

But if you aren’t staying there, grab a Lyft, mmmkay?

For those who don’t drink, we’re big fans of Athletic Brewing and their all-natural, non-alcoholic beers. From their Golden Ale to their Hazy IPA, grab a pack and indulge.

What We’re Thankful for This Year

Hands down, the number one answer to this question is our customers.

Thank you for who you are and what you do. This dream of ours would be impossible without you. Every morning, we wake up excited to do our work because of the fantastic photos and results that are shared with us on social media. Keep it up, we love you!

Want to show us what you’re up to and what Boco Gear you’re wearing? Tag us on IG @bocogear and use the hashtag #BOCOGear so we can follow along with your journey!

Our team is also thankful for our Founder and CEO, Kay Martin, for being the badass female leader she is. We really do love you, Kay! ? 

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