At BOCO Gear, we take our responsibility as endurance running gear designers seriously. Beyond offering the most innovative and cutting edge hat designs in the industry, that also means lessening our impact on the environment however we can. 

That’s why we developed a line of sustainable endurance running gear made from post consumer recycled materials. 

We recently partnered with Dirtbag Runners to offer all-recycled branded Trail Runner hats and winter running beanies for their community of eco-conscious trail blazers. Dirtbag Runners is a worldwide community of trail and ultra-runners with the mission to bring together a community in support of social & environmental justice. Founded in 2014, Dirtbag Runners has grown into a collective with over 500 ambassadors from 25 countries and 45 US states.

We love the work Dirtbag Runners is doing to raise awareness about sustainable running products and practices.

Learn more about our recycled products program below, and see why Dirtbag Runners loves our line of recycled running hats.

About Our Recycled Gear Program

“For years I’ve dreamed of making custom, high-quality recycled trail running hats. I’m thrilled to collaborate with BOCO Gear on what I consider to be the best trail running hats ever made. They’re sustainable, comfortable, and because the designs are sublimated into the fabric, they’ll stay looking new.”

Dirtbag Runners

For starters, all the materials in our recycled program are certified under the Global Recycled Standard 4.0 to ensure traceability of post-consumer raw material use.

Recycled polyester — also known as rPET in this case — is made through a chemical process. The recycled polyester is cut down into anhydrous pellets, which are melted and mixed with another polymer to help strengthen it. These filaments are then woven into fabrics that we use across our recycled headwear line.

The filaments that are made for knitted fabrics (and even the front panels of our Technical Trucker) are 100% rPET.

The filaments for our winter running beanies currently have a blend of recycled and virgin materials to keep the hand feel and structure for knitting into intricate designs.

“Eco-friendly running apparel needs to become the standard, and I’m proud to work with BOCO Gear in making that intention a reality.”

Dirtbag Runners

Recycled Running Hat Designs

All our recycled technical running hats are made with a minimum of 50% recycled polyester. Depending on the fabric make-up of the hat, they can be constructed with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

We currently have a 75% post-consumer recycled polyester Technical Trucker. This running hat is made up of 100% recycled mesh and knit materials, and 50% recycled woven fabric.

Our winter running beanies are now available with yarns in 50% recycled polyester, with a blend of acrylic, polyester and wool. We’re currently working with another source to bring in 100% recycled polyester yarns to our beanies and are hoping to have this material ready to use by the end of the year!

Get Your Custom Recycled Running Hats Today

What’s great about our recycled gear program here at BOCO is we offer fully custom designs through sublimation printing on many of the recycled fabrics.

Whether you’re a race director or running team, a brand manager or someone who just loves to design your own running hats, you can rest assured your custom order will be made with sustainable, recycled materials and the high-quality, cutting-edge designs BOCO Gear is known for. 

From winter running beanies to Trail Runner hats and more, design your own custom recycled running hat today! >

“It’s important for all businesses to look at how they can create or use sustainable products using recycled materials. In looking at how we as a society can help curb climate change, reducing waste and resources goes to the top of the list. While responsibility falls on the individual, it also falls even larger into the laps of businesses big and small. Together we can make a difference in how we create and put things into the world.”

Dirtbag Runners

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